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John of God Crystals
Another way to experience the John of God energy is through the Casa crystals. Many years ago, Medium João was told by the spirits that he should go to Abadiânia to buy a piece of land to build a healing center. What he didn’t know at that time was why they chose Abadiânia. After João built the Casa de Dom Inácio, João discovered that the mountain it is situated on is a vortex of quartz crystals. João has mined some of the crystals that he carefully selects. These crystals  are blessed by the Entities (John of God) and are sold at the Casa shop. This is how they support the Casa. This not only allows this amazing energy spiritual energy to travel around the world but the income allows the healings and the work of John of God to remain free. Quartz crystals are known to store positive energy so, as you can imagine, the John of God crystals from the Casa de Dom Inácio are extremely powerful. I use the John of God crystals in my Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys meditations and ask that the energy from John of God and the Entities to be with us.

The John of God crystal bed or crystal bath is similar to a light therapy treatment. You lay on a small bed with seven perfectly shaped John of God crystals above you and aligned to point toward each chakra. Lights corresponding to the colors of the seven main chakras shine through them. The energy travels through these beautiful crystals. It wouldn’t seem like you would experience much, however the experience is often amazing. You can take these crystal bed sessions at the Casa in Brazil. There are also a few authorized John of God crystal bed owners in the U.S.

John of God Crystal Bed

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