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In Brazil, John of God performs physical interventions. He does not perform these interventions outside of Brazil for legal reasons. However the spiritual intervention (invisible interventions) are some what like a blessing or invisible healing and are done at the live events in the same way they are conducted in Brazil.

John of God sometimes prescribes a “Spiritual Intervention.” This means that you are to come back to the following Casa session ( if John of God prescribes this in the morning, it will usually be for the afternoon, if John of God prescribes this in the afternoon, it will usually take place the next morning). Interventions are performed by John of God in Entity at the beginning of the casa sessions. Occasionally John of God will perform a  intervention at the same time the person asks their question in line.

If John of God prescribes a intervention for you, this means that it is generally a spiritual or invisible intervention unless you want to volunteer for a physical intervention. Some people feel like the physical interventions are stronger, other’s believe that the invisible intervention is just as strong and that a physical intervention is just to set that person’s believe system. That some people feel they need to experience something physical in order to believe they have been worked on. Only in Brazil, John of God sometimes performs physical interventions on stage to give a demonstration of a miracle to the people.

Experiencing an invisible intervention is similar to a short meditation. A group of people are taken into the “intervention room”.  They are instructed to close their eyes. John of God in Entity comes in the room and says prayers. They are then healed by John of God through an invisible spiritual intervention.

After the John of God intervention the person must return to their hotel room ( by taxis even if very close by) and stay there for 24 hours wearing white. It is in your room where the spirits will work on you. You need to sleep and relax during this process.

This for me was an amazing experience and I actually felt, sensed and saw Entities in my room working on me. Many people feel the energy of the intervention back in their room.  A lot of my clients were able to see the Spirits working on them.

In Brazil herbs are always given after intervention, at the live events, you will receive blessed water and the entity will bless the water with the energy for your healing.

Now there are a few rules that must be adhered to after a intervention. You should make sure you are willing to follow these rule before you go in for intervention. These are;


No sex, or raising of sexual energy. (2nd intervention it is only 7 days).
No pepper (black or white pepper or any spicy peppers such as chili pepper, cayenne, etc.).
No alcohol
( as of Sep 2012 pork is now allowed)

These rules are set by the entities. And we believe it is because these things can change your energy. It is also important that you do not receive energy healing from others during this period. The Spirits are working with you and adjusting your energy and you do not want to interfere with this process. This is why, even though I practice Reiki and energy healing, when acting as a guide to my clients, I cannot do any kind of energy healing on them at the Casa.


By Gail Thackray, excerpts from the book Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys: Visiting John of God

Spiritual Interventions

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