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Getting to know John of God


This beautiful sweet man, John of God who was born João Teixeira de Faria, has dedicated his life to this great healing work and his missionary service. In loving passion for his calling, he takes all people without prejudice and gladly serves them. Millions have come on a pilgrimage to the Casa de Dom Inácio and have been received by his open arms. John of God   presides over the sessions at the Casa twice a day, three days a week, and literally gives his body for the work of the spirits. John of God’s service to others doesn’t stop there. On the days that he is not at the Casa he travels to other parts of Brazil and performs healings on people who can’t make the long trek to Abadiânia. He is in anguish over those in poverty and is active in his charitable efforts to help. On occasion, he’ll travel out of the country to do special live appearances.

Medium João is not only in charge of the Casa and its many activities, he plays a big part in the rest of the town as well. The pousadas, the cafés, the shops are all part of the spiritual experience and work closely in conjunction with the Casa. It seems João treats them as part of the family.

João has a ranch and various other businesses, including his crystal mines. Many people are dependent on him for their livelihood. The operations of the Casa de Dom Inácio itself and the staff are all funded through João’s other businesses, through donations, and through the sales of the John of God crystals and gifts at the Casa bookstore.

João tells of his humble beginnings, born to a large family of little means. At nine-years old, João was visiting his brother in a small town. As he was walking down the street he told his mother they must do something, there is going to be a terrible storm. His mother told him that there was no sign of a storm and it was a blue sky with only one small cloud. However João became distraught and finally his mother agreed to tell the townspeople. Within hours a massive storm came out of nowhere and demolished forty homes. After that João’s mother was a little afraid that he was different. She felt that it would be best to take him out of school and he should instead learn a trade as a tailor. João would never learn to read and write.

João traveled far trying to find work. His healing incorporation started happening when he was just sixteen, barely a young man. His first touch with the heavenly realms was near a river where João stopped to rest, tired and hungry. An angel appeared in the river and spoke to him. At first he just thought this was a beautiful lady talking to him. It turned out to be St. Rita de Cascia. She told João to go to the Spiritist Center of Christ the Redeemer. When he went there, they seemed to be expecting him. Shortly after arriving, he fainted. When he came to, there was a small crowd around him. These people were telling how he’d done these amazing healings, but he didn’t know what they were talking about. King Solomon had apparently incorporated into his body and healed the people of the town. João spent three months at the center studying mediumship and trying to understand his gifts.

After this João traveled from town to town, trying to find work as a tailor. He also continued to spontaneously heal people, each time with spirits incorporating into his body while João “slept” through the process. This was not without the suspicious eye of the authorities who, over the years, prosecuted him as a charlatan and arrested him for practicing medicine without a license. João was thrown in jail, and even beaten, on more than one occasion for his selfless healing of others. João did not have an easy life growing up and living with this “gift” didn’t make things any easier, but Medium João talks about his life and purpose as a blessing and never a complaint.

João, the medium, the person, is quite different from John of God incorporated. João has his own personality, his own likes and dislikes, completely separate from the Entities that work through him. When John of God is in Entity, it is the personality of the spirit who has taken over his body. When João is not in Entity, João is a family man, a rancher, and a businessman. He is married to a lovely lady, Ana, and he has several children. He reportedly loves to relax on his ranch. One of the things that João likes very much is western movies.

João is a very kind charitable man and he does not charge for healings. John of God doesn’t even acknowledge himself as a “healer,” rather stating that it is not he who heals, but God who does the healing.

By Gail Thackray, excerpts from “Gail Thackray’s Spiritual Journeys: Visiting John of God.”

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