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Healing from Brazil

Wow! We just arrived in Brazil and our first day was amazing. It was a marathon morning current session lasting seven hours! The energy was extremely high. I believe it was Dr. Jose Valdivino who was the spirit in Entity when we went in front of him. This was at about 10am Brazil time (4am PST). I was thinking of all of you, sending love and asking that your prayers be answered.

Those of you that sent an individual photo request for distance healing/herbs the Entity took your photo today and give you your “prescription.”

If you want an individual distance healing, I can still take them and print your photos out here but please get to me asap click here for more info… ……… this can be for health, love, success, ect (no limit for requests).

We will be there again today at the same time. Follow along with our journey and receive the energy from a distance. This really works. Whether you are on my group healing list or whether you asked for an individual photo petition with herbs you want to get the most out of this time and energy connection. You can do this through mediation to connect with us in Brazil but also you can do your part of the healing from home. John of God says the spirits do half of the work, we need to do the other half. First you need to give permission for what it is you want healed or changed in your life. This is karma protection for the spirits. Meditate and put out what you want to clear and release and what you want to bring in. Writing it down in a petition gives a stronger impression to the universe.

Try to join us in remote mediation as much as you can. If you have a John of God crystal, hold this over your heart and this will help to connect you to the energy. Or if you have a book, place it under your pillow.

I like to start with the things I want clear and heal, especially physical issues. Then when I feel all is clear I ask to bring the things I want in my life.

As you sit in meditation the spirits will come to you. Just open your heart and have love and faith. Concentrate on love and gratitude knowing that you are being worked on. Don’t expect to just do 2 minutes and then you’re finished, commit to mediate until you feel it. It can take a while to get yourself in the right place.

Ask the spirits to give you an understanding of why you have an issue in your life. A physical illness, a block in your career, in your love life. Know that everything you have you have invited into your life for a reason. See if you can understand what you need to learn and allow your mind to drift to events and feelings in your life. Whether you understand it or not, give permission for this to be released and dissolved.

I believe there are two approaches. Either start with what is ailing you, such as a bad foot. And see if you can “see” areas in your life that you are emotionally blocked that are connected. As you come across negative feelings you are holding on to simply let them go with the help of spirits there to guide you. The other way to go about this is to look for your emotional triggers. Start with memories from your early childhood and see what still bothers you emotionally. Ask spirits to help you release and let go of negative feelings. Both are connected. You may work on releasing negative feelings from an old relationship to find that your stomach pain suddenly subsides. I believe that every physical ailment on your body is connected somewhere to emotional situations in your past. Emotional situations are created by our thoughts and previous patterns that we have not yet completed. Spiritual healing occurs on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and karmic.

Even if you have already given permission for the spirits to work on you with an individual petition to John of God, do your part of the work as well. You will find you are being drawn to reflect and experience dreams and situations that help you to understand the healing that is being done. This is going to help you to permanently resolve the situation.

Sometimes we just don’t really understand. That’s ok, do your best and give permission to spirits to heal and dissolve. If you truly open your heart nothing is too difficult to be healed. Just connecting in this way can work miracles.

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